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Do you want to amplify the impact of your organization´s Disability Inclusion Strategies?

  • Does implementing Disability Inclusion feel too complicated?
  • Are your results not meeting your expectations?
  • Has the relationship with the communities you are including been difficult?
  • Are you struggling to navigate the pitfalls of disability inclusion?
  • Do your disability inclusion programs lack real Return on Investment and impact in the organization?
  • Does your company have a disability inclusion roadmap?

“15 Things you should consider when building your disability Inclusion Roadmap”

Our strategies have worked for these corporate brands, NGO´s Universities and many more.

If you want your organization´s Disability Inclusion Programs to have the best ROI possible, you need Ruh Global Impact.

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If disability is not on your board agenda, neither is diversity.
(Nor is innovation, productivity, brand experience, talent, risk, reputation...)

Ruh Global Impact is proud to be the U.S. Partner for the Valuable 500

How do we bring out the potential in all people through Inclusion ?

We have crafted a show that is all about Social Impact, Inclusion, and Empowerment of everyone, including Persons with Disabilities.  Get ready to be inspired, hear success stories, and learn tips and principles for bringing out the best in everyone in your organization.

Discover how our framework and experience has helped businesses like yours increase the impact of their Inclusion Strategies.

What Makes Ruh Global Impact different?

We understand that Inclusion is important, we also understand that Disability Inclusion is complicated and we have developed a framework to help your organization achieve its objectives and reap the benefits of inclusion.

We make Disability Inclusion simple and give you and your organization the tools necessary to help you become part of the select group of Inclusion Leaders Worldwide.

Inclusion Branding

 Debra Ruh´s new book on How Brands Can Learn to Engage with the Community of Persons with Disabilities and other minorities to Create Solid ROI and Positive Social Impact. This book is essential for every CEO and entrepreneur.

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