#11: How Millennials Are Changing The World: A New Series

How Millennials Are Changing The World: A New Series

In this episode, Debra discusses a new series which will feature millennials who are changing the world for persons with disabilities. Discover what young people around the world are doing to move beyond the limiting beliefs and stereotypes about what PwD’s can accomplish.

#13: Tapping Into Hidden Human Potential

  How do we fully tap into the hidden human potential in the workplace? This episode features a discussion between Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global, and Doug Foresta, veteran podcast producer and coach as they discuss how to find and bring out the best in human potential.  

#14: The History of Autism in America: With John Donvan

the history of autism in america

This episode features an interview with John Donvan, the co-author of “In a Different Key: The Story of Autism,” the New York Times bestseller published in 2016 by Crown Books. John discusses takeaways from his research and writing of the book, as well as what works in tapping into the potential of persons with autism.

#15: Moving from Trauma to Triumph

moving from trauma

This episode features an interview with Elizabeth Akua-Nyarko Patterson, the Founder and Executive Director of Girls Education Initiative of Ghana. Elizabeth discusses how she has been able to overcome a serious brain injury stemming from a car accident and the lessons learned from her journey.