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#28: Unlocking Our Gifts and Talents

Human Potential at Work Podcast Show Flyer for the Episode Unlocking Our Gifts and Talents Ft. Rosemary Musachio. This episode features an interview with Rosemary Musachio, Chief Accessibility Officer at Ruh Global Communications, as she discusses her many accomplishments as a technologist and disability advocate, despite having a disability. Rosemary shares her thoughts about how technology will benefit and change the lives of persons with disabilities and what drives her to succeed. Episode Transcript

#27: Creating Policies that Work

Human Potential at Work Slider - 27

This episode features an interview with Axel Leblois, President and Executive Director of G3iCT as he discusses his journey of running multiple businesses and eventually creating a nonprofit dedicated to disability inclusion. Axel shares tips and advice about how to create successful initiatives and programs that have a social impact.

#26: Tony Coelho on Sponsoring the ADA

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In this episode the Honorable Tony Coelho shares his journey of overcoming the stigma of disability, moving into politics, and eventually becoming the primary sponsor of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Tony shares about the work he is doing in this election, working with Hillary Clinton on disability rights.

#25: Creating Inclusive Leadership and Valuing Diversity

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This episode features an interview with speaker, author and consultant Jennifer Brown as she discusses how to lead in a way that values inclusion and diversity. Discover how to embody a commitment a diversity and inclusion in your leadership practice.

#24: Bringing Your Best Self to Work

Human Potential at Work Slider - 24

Authentic marketing expert and business coach George Kao joins the program to discuss how to bring your best self to work, and the importance of love in business. George discusses his own journey of authenticity and how he runs his business in a manner that is in alignment with his deepest values.