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#31: Staying Body Positive Through Cancer

Human Potential at Work Slider - 31

This episode features an interview with breast cancer survivor Emma Claire as she discusses her journey of staying body positive and the lessons she has learned along the way. Emma also discusses the power of social media in helping her through her journey.  

#30: The Importance of Diversity

Human Potential at Work Slider - 30

This episode features an interview with Deb Dagit, as she discusses how inclusion and diversity help to unlock human potential. Deb shares her own journey as a person with a disability and what we can do to create more diverse and inclusive work environments.  

#29: Disability and Creativity

Human Potential at Work Slider - 29

This episode features an interview with Dennis Palumbo, a former Hollywood screenwriter (Welcome Back Kotter, My Favorite Year)  turned psychotherapist and novelist. Dennis shares his journey of how he became a psychotherapist and his perspective on creativity and the depiction of disabled persons in Hollywood. Doug Foresta co-hosts the episode.