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#215: A Conversation About Racism, Accessibility, and the Value of Human Life

LaMondre Pough Chief Sustainability Officer of Ruh Global IMPACT

LaMondre Pough, Chief Sustainability Officer at Ruh Global IMPACT, joins the program to discuss his thoughts about disability accessibility, racism in the United States, and how we privilege certain lives over others. LaMondre and Debra also discuss how discrimination is built into various systems and what needs to happen to create positive change.     […]

#214: A Conversation with Mike Paciello, Founding Partner of The Paciello Group

Mike Paciello Founder of the Paciello Group

Mike Paciello, Founding Partner of The Paciello Group joins this episode of HPAW. Mike has been in the accessibility business since the mid-80’s, both as a usability and accessibility engineer. In 2006, along with his friend and colleague Jim Tobias, he was appointed co-chair to the United States Federal Access Board’s Telecommunications and Electronic and […]