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We are a social enterprise focused on disability inclusion; we focus on strategic planning, marketing, smart cities, and accessibility. 

In essence, we do Disability Inclusion.

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Delivering real IMPACT for your Inclusion Programs. We do disability Inclusion.

Ruh Global IMPACT, a social enterprise whose cause is the Inclusion of People with Disabilities since 2013 we have brought disability inclusion to mainstream conversations.

Our team has implemented inclusion branding, marketing, inclusive design, accessibility strategies, innovative & engaging built environments, systems, and smart cities for clients all over the world.  We provide a unique set of Disability Inclusion and Accessibility solutions with a first-hand approach to every project

Our Founder

When told by ‘experts’ that her daughter, Sara, who was born with Down’s Syndrome, would be lucky to push shopping carts at the local grocery store, Debra refused to accept this. Debra Ruh’s unshakable faith in the power of human potential and her love for her daughter led her to create in 2001 Ruh Global Communications and TecAccess. In 2013 Debra decided to start a new company, Ruh Global IMPACT and has seen much success, working with major multi-national corporations, the UN, and foreign government agencies.

Our Mission

To unlock economic and social empowerment through the power of Inclusion

Advise and enable enterprises with programs to improve Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.

Ensure engagement of the persons Persons with Disabilities community in policy discussions.

Lead the industry conversation to move beyond compliance to achieve true inclusion for people of all abilities.

Ruh Global is proud to be the founder of the global disability movement Billion Strong. The first identity based non profit for and by the community of people with disabilities.

Our Team by The Numbers

Ruh Global IMPACT is proud of its commitment to maintain a diverse and inclusive team and our numbers back that up.

Disability Inclusion

69 %

Identify as Having a Visible or Invisible Disability


35 %

Identify as female and RGI is 100% women owned

Our team members are located across the globe having impactat the local an international level



Ideas and innovation spaning accros four generations in RGI

Diverse Language

21 %

Non-Native english speaking

Our Team

Each of our team members has vast experience in their field, and they understand firsthand the value of real inclusion.

CEO and Founder

Based in Rockville Virginia, United States

Chief Inspiration officer

Based in Rockville Virginia, United States

Chief Operations Officer

Based in Rockville Virginia, United States

Chief financial officer

Based in San José, Costa Rica

Chief Information Officer

Based in Syria

Operations Specialist

Based in Philippines

Chief accsibility officer

Based in Northeast Ohio, United States

Chief Marketing Officer

Based in Richmond Virginia, United States

Human Resource manager

Based in Rockville Virginia, United States

Virtual assistant and transcriptionist

Based in Germany


Based in Richmond Virginia, United States

Project Executive Director of Research

Based in Mauritius,

Are you ready to become a disability inclusion leader? Are you prepared to reap the benefits and IMPACT of your disability Inclusion and accessibility programs? If so, working with Ruh Global IMPACT is very simple:

 1) Schedule an appointment

2) We create a plan that fits your needs

3) We execute the plan together