AI Business Excellence Banner: Ruh Global Communications 'Digital Marketing Firm of the Year - VA'
AI Business Excellence Banner: Ruh Global Communications ‘Digital Marketing Firm of the Year – VA’

Rockville, VA.—Ruh Global Communications, an international leader in strategic disability inclusion and accessible policies, programs and marketing, has won the Acquisition International Business (AI) Excellence Awards for 2016 as the Strategic Digital Marketing Firm of the Year.  These awards recognize and honor outstanding achievements of companies and their executives through a variety of industries that have succeeded despite the high level of corporate competition.

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Ruh Global is one of the award-winning companies that have consistently shown creativity, innovation, and perseverance in building a solid business even though recent economic times have been tough.

Recipients of the AI Business Awards were determined by the number of votes cast by AI subscription members, submission of supporting evidence, and AI in-house research.

Debra Ruh – CEO

“Ruh Global Communications is humbled to win this award.  Our global efforts teach countries, agencies, and corporations to include effectively, the community of persons with disabilities into the workforce and respective cultures.  As social entrepreneurs, we focus on our efforts to make a positive difference in the world.  We are honored to be acknowledged for our efforts,” says Debra Ruh – CEO at Ruh Global Communications.


About Ruh Global Communications

Founded in March 2013, Ruh Global Communications is a strategic digital marketing firm that helps businesses and government entities include persons with disabilities within every level of an infrastructure, from interviewing and hiring to job training and retention.  We help countries implement of the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  We also work with national and multi-national firms to help them include persons with disabilities in their workforce and developing accessibility and social media programs, providing outreach and training, and helping companies procure assistive technology.  Ruh Global has presented at conferences throughout the world about accessibility and disability inclusion.  For further information, please visit us at , and follow us on Twitter: @RuhGlobal  or @DebraRuh.

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