Richard Steitz – Chief Operations Officer

Ruh Global Communications, a global leader with corporate inclusion strategies, accessibility advocacy and corporate inclusion industries, announces today it has named Richard J. Streitz Chief Operating Officer.

As COO, Mr. Streitz will have overall responsibility for the company’s growing domestic and international operations, including strategic business development, implementing global growth strategies, and overseeing the company’s recently expanded services in the North American and European regions. He will focus on continuing to build a strong, client-focused organization, while increasing efficiency across all aspects of operations. In addition, he will have day to day responsibilities over finance, marketing, logistics and information technology.

”This re-alignment strengthens our executive management team and greatly adds to our capacity to implement our growth strategy,” said Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global Communications. “Richard’s proven outstanding leadership and deep knowledge of the industry coupled with his international corporate experience will be instrumental in aligning Ruh Global Communications to meet the present and future needs of the company implementing inclusionary corporate strategies worldwide.”

Ruh Global Communications recently expanded its domestic and international operations as part of its strategic growth plan to accommodate a rapidly growing list of customers exploring corporate inclusionary strategies globally. PRESS RELEASE R. Streitz – COO Ruh Global Communications

“The increasing value of corporate inclusionary strategies properly implemented has made accessibility management an essential component to developing corporate level inclusion strategies that strengthen engagement within their respective communities,” added Ruh. “With Richard leading our global operations, I have full confidence that Ruh Global Communications will continue to be a resource and a trusted strategic partner for larger corporations, institutions and governmental agencies worldwide.”

Richard Streitz first worked together with Debra Ruh in 2011 when he was president of an international resort and entertainment development company. Richard worked with Debra’s group to assist in reviewing the company’s inclusion practices through its worldwide strategic planning, project development, corporate branding and international marketing. Recently, Richard served as consulting executive director of corporate strategies for Ruh Global Communications, where he helped develop macro level planning for their new global client services.

Prior to joining Ruh Global Communications, Mr. Streitz was President of S&S Theme Parks and Resorts S.A., a Costa Rican company focused on creating universal designed living, entertainment and recreational built environments. Richard also worked for the prestigious Walt Disney Imagineering group for over a decade where he was actively involved with supervising the design, fabrication and construction efforts for their attractions, theme parks and resorts in Europe, Asia and the USA. Mr. Streitz has served on the Board of many different companies and non-profit organizations where he enjoys sharing his corporate expertise and international experience for a greater common good.

About Ruh Global Communications: Ruh Global Communications are experts in compliance and ICT Accessibility (CRPD, Section 503, 504, and 508 and ADA). We understand the unique needs of businesses and organizations and how to protect them by reducing risks, while at the same time maximizing value and ROI based on crucial accessibility initiatives. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are aware of and prepared for mounting changes in global and national accessibility and disability guidelines and mandates. We possess the inherent capability of realistically evaluating accessibility and compliance technology, as well as disability employment solutions, from the perspective of the target audience – people with disabilities. Ruh Global Communications is privately held and headquartered in Rockville Virginia.

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