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Rosemary Musachio

Chief Accessibility Officer of Ruh Global IMPACT 

Writer, Accessibility Consultant, Poet

Based in Northeast Ohio, United States

About Rose

Rosemary Musachio is the Chief Accessibility Officer for Ruh Global Impact. She is responsible for successfully leading, developing, and executing the people and business strategy of disability inclusion to ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities and increase accessibility for suppliers and customers. Through her expertise and skills, she has helped companies make. their products and services more accessible and marketable to consumers with disabilities. Rosemary also writes on disability-related issues. Besides writing blogs for Ruh Global Impact, she wrote a monthly column for Sun Newspapers in Cleveland, Ohio. Bit of a Challenge was the paper’s most popular column, running for ten years. She also had articles published in The Plain Dealer and Italian Gazette. Additionally, she edited and published two monthly disability-related newsletters, The Able Informer and Ability Age. Her published works have inspired readers and enlightened the public about the challenges of persons with disabilities.

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