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#362: Unleashing Human Potential: Empowering Voices.

Paul Polman Former Unilever CEO and Leader of the UN Global Compact

Paul shares insights on leadership, inclusion, and the power of empowering billions of people with disabilities. Dive into Paul’s journey, his work with the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust, and support for the Valuable 500. Discover how courageous companies and organizations can transform society and create a more inclusive, sustainable world by adopting a net positive mindset, as outlined in Paul’s book, “Net Positive”.

#347: Staying close together.

Alisha Forester Scott Founder and Manager Wind, Bees & Earth PLLC

Alisha Bee Forrester Scott and Debra Ruh discuss the importance of staying close and working together to be servant leaders.

#346: Update on Billion Strong 501 C3.

LaMondre Pough CEO Billion Strong

Debra Ruh and LaMondre Pough discuss the importance of identity and empowerment for persons with disabilities. They also introduce Billion Strong officially as a 501 C3.

#345: Empowering Persons with Disabilities.

Estela Lugo Program Development Manager Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation

We speak with Estela Lugo, a leader in the disability rights movement. Estela shares her story of how she became an advocate for persons with disabilities and how she is working to empower them. We also discuss the importance of collaboration and how we can all work together to create a more inclusive world.