#333: Unlocking the value of hidden human potential. 

charlotte dales ceo and cofounder of inclusively

In this episode, Debra interviews Charlotte DalesCEO and one of the co-founders of Inclusively an inclusion platform that empowers employers with accommodations insights, access, training, and support they need to attract and retain previously untapped talent.     This episode was recorded live on Facebook, captioned and streamed on facebook www.facebook.com/debraruh or in the embedded […]

#332: Purpose Driven Leadership with Carol Van Den Hende

Carol Van Den Hende Award Winning Author & Mars Inc. Global Corporate Strategist and Marketer

In this episode, Debra interviews Carol Van Den Hende an entrepreneurial, inspiring leader who unlocks the optimism and opportunity of the future through my creative hats in global business and in the community. They talk about her role on Mars, her new book, and everything in between.     This episode was recorded live on […]

#331: A world with equal access to benefits and resources for all.

Eric Jorgensen Creator of True North Disability Planning

In this episode, Debra interviews Eric Jorgensen, creator of True North Disability Planning, an organization that helps families and professionals navigate the maze of benefits, resources, and services available to those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. You can learn more about his efforts at his website: https://truenorthdisabilityplanning.com/     This episode was recorded live on […]