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Benefits and Consequences of AI in the PWD Community1 min read

Benefits and Consequences of AI in the PWD Community

Since the rollout of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has been making noise all over the internet. Big companies are competing with each other in releasing new AI Tools. Different predictions are being made on how it will impact our lives. Have you ever wondered how this would affect the community of persons with disabilities? Particularly when it comes to employment, privacy, and algorithm bias. Let’s talk about that in this article.

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About the Authors

Jasmin Ambiong

Jasmin Ambiong

Social Media Coordinator, Ruh Global IMPACT

Jasmin has been in the telework industry for six years now and been through several roles. She’s been a finance transcriptionist, an online English ESL Tutor, a virtual assistant, a General Transcriptionist, a Usability Tester and a Social Media Coordinator. She did a number of things and she found that the roles that make her feel most fulfilled were the ones that in some way and somehow contribute to making things better for the lives of persons like her – persons with disabilities.

Jasmin has a degree in Business Administration – Management Information System. She said that telework was never one of her plans. Not even to work in disability inclusion or accessibility industry. Her dream has always been to work in the corporate world and have a successful corporate career. However, life has a better and different plan for her.

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