#PurpleLightUp: A Global Celebration – Let’s Light USA Purple in Celebration of “International Day of Persons with Disabilities”


Ruh Global Communications Blogs, Debra Ruh

That’s how it is with purple, a hue that communicates royalty, majesty, and power.

And that is what brings us to the #PurpleLightUp movement, a global call to action that demands that the voices of all people around the world be heard, specifically people with disabilities and their inclusion in the workforce. Continue Reading #PurpleLightUp

Be like Justin. By Debra Ruh

Be Like Justin

Ruh Global Communications Blogs, Debra Ruh

On Saturday –fittingly World Cerebral Palsy Day — the wildly popular athletic apparel giant offered a new message, a giant milestone in the global brand’s movement for inclusion; Be Like Justin.

But who is Justin? Continue Reading Be Like Justin