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David Pérez

Chief Financial Officer

David Pérez

About David

David is a Costa Rican political scientist with an MBA and master’s degree in diplomacy. He is also a global leader, inclusion activist, social media specialist, and communication strategist. David has experience in the implementation, development and evaluation of public policies, as well as in consulting services for NGOs such as UNESCO and others linked to the European Union.

David’s career path focuses on working with minorities, ensuring that they have access to their rights.Its main focus is to expand the vision of Ruh Global IMPACT around the world and impact the lives of people with disabilities in both developed and developing countries. He has had the opportunity to be a speaker in Latin America and the United States on inclusion and accessibility. He has been asked to be a visiting professor on these topics and on the future of the work of universities in the region. David was recently a keynote speaker on the future of work and employment for people with disabilities at one of the first conferences on this topic in Colombia. David is fluent in Spanish and English and often advocates for Spanish-speaking Americans. Between 15 and 20% of the US population are Spanish speakers, and this group is often disenfranchised.


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