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Hosted by Debra Ruh

Human Potential at Work

Social Impact, Inclusion, and Empowerment of everyone including Persons with Disabilities. How do we bring out the potential in all people, including those with disabilities? Get ready to be inspired, hear success stories and learn tips and principles for bringing out the best in everyone.

Hosted By Doug Foresta

Stand Out and Be Heard

A podcast dedicated to helping coaches, therapists, speakers and authors expand their reach and get their message out in the world in a big way through the power of podcasting.

Hosted By Trish Robichaud

AccessTALK with Trish

Talking about the good, the bad and the reality of accessibility in our communities. Nurturing a culture of inclusion where EVERYONE matters. Host Trish Robichaud is a Disability Work Life Coach, Author, Facilitator & Motivational Speaker who lives with disability but is definitely NOT a disabled woman.

Lamondré Torohn
Hosted by LaMondre Pough

Walking on Purpose

Walking on Purpose is all about helping individuals discover their purpose and arming them with the tools, and information they need to walk in it. The goal is to engage the listener in bold and truthful dialogue that empowers them to live big, full, authentic lives.

AT Banter Hosts
Hosted By Steve Barclay, Rob Mineault and Ryan Fleury

AT Banter

AT Banter’s goal is to provide a balanced and entertaining look at the field of Assistive Technology, with insights and discussions from varied technology specialists from around the world. Sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent, but always informative.

Anne and Rick from Vr Workshops.
Hosted by Rick Sizemore and Anne Hudlow

VR Workforce Studio

This podcast focuses on Individuals with Disabilities and stories of employment including training and education, vocational rehabilitation and celebrates the champions of employment who hire people with disabilities as well as vocational rehabilitation professionals and the work they do to create hope and a path forward to employment for people with disabilities so they can work and lead better lives.

It all Started with Human Potential at Work

A show dedicated to exploring how to bring out the potential in all people with disabilities and without disabilities. With Global Impact Today, we are expanding that vision with a platform to give a voice to others who share the same mission of bringing out the full potential of all people. Hear from thought leaders, visionaries, CEO’s and change makers as they discuss best practices, inspiring stories, and takeaways for you.

Interested in joining our network? We are always looking to new feature bold voices. If you think you would be a good fit for Global Impact Today, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Global Impact Starts Small

Global Impact Today covers a lot on it´s shows. Whatever you need to know regarding Accessibility and Human Potential, and news about disability you can find here.










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