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Human Potential at Work

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Debra Ruh

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Our Team

 Ruh Global is a consulting firm focused on disability inclusion, corporate social responsibility, employment strategies and accessibility.  We pride ourselves on having an interdisciplinary team, with very different perspectives working together to help our clients blend inclusion, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility into the culture of their organization.  We partner with leaders and experts in the field and are proud to support clients globally. We have over 30 years experience in the disability inclusion field.   Interested in joining our team? View career opportunities.

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Debra RuhRosemary MusachioSara Ruh

Richard SchatzbergKevin RuhDavid Pérez

Richard StreitzEmily HaSarah Lee

What is #AXSChat?

#AXSChat is an open online community of individuals dedicated to creating an inclusive world; we believe that accessibility is for everyone. #AXSChat is also the 2ND Largest Tweet chat in the world!!

#AXSChat features individuals who are contributing to making the world a more inclusive place through technology or innovations to enable wider participation in society for people with disabilities. Every week, #AXSChat highlights a different guest with a video interview and twitter chat.

If you’d like to learn more, visit

#AXSChat was founded and hosted by:

  • Debra Ruh – Ruh Global Communications
  • Antonio Santos – ATOS
  • Neil Milliken – ATOS

 Our Blog

Read articles from the leading experts in the field, that analyze in depth everything related to Inclusion and corporate social responsibility. Our blog is designed to keep you up to date and prepare yo to anticipate the challenges and opportunities that your organization may face surrounding accessibility inclusion.


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Human Potential at Work.

Social Impact, Inclusion, and Empowerment of everyone including Persons with Disabilities. How do we bring out the potential in all people, including those with disabilities? Get ready to be inspired, hear success stories and learn tips and principles for bringing out the best in everyone. Brought to you by Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global Communications.   Want to learn more about our show?

 The only disability is when one cannot see Human Potential.Debra Ruh
Debra Ruh

Why Choose Us

We are living in times of rapid change, Globalization, Medical and technological advancements, civil rights issues, cultural changes, accessibility, the future of work, corporate responsibility, and Disability Inclusion. We work with our clients to help them envision, develop and execute dynamic business strategies that reduce their risks, enhance their brand and drives profitability amidst disruption. We focus on inclusion strategy consulting, providing customized services for each of our clients.

Wherever, Whenever.

We provide our services on a global scale, it dosen’t matter where you are please get in touch.

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If you would like to learn more about our services or about what we do, please complete the form below.