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Inclusion Branding: Revealing Secrets to Maximize ROI

How Brands Can Learn to Engage with the Community of Persons with Disabilities and other minorities to Create Solid ROI and Positive Social Impact. This book is essential for every CEO and entrepreneur.


topics Covered

Inclusive Marketing and Branding

What is it, why it matters and how it links to the Sustainable Development Goals?

Creating Engagement

How to humanize your brand, what is good for business, community expectations and walking the walk.


Compliance, global perception, litigation, triggers and road-maps for inclusion.

Understanding the Community

Brand Ambassadors, Understanding your customer, connecting and becoming an advocate as well as success stories from brands.

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About the Author

Debra Ruh is a recognized market influencer with over 300 000 followers across all platforms she is an advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities, a leader, a published author, a successful entrepreneur and a fantastic mother. Co-Founder of the second largest tweet chat in the world it is a chat about accessibility and disability inclusion, Debra is active in social media and blogging on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Tumblr, and Pinterest with a KLOUT Score of 82. CEO and Founder of Ruh Global Communications, a firm that functions as a bridge between the community of PWDs and Corporations looking to include them.

Debra Ruh

Readers say


A successful diversity and inclusion strategy must include a robust public relations plan that builds a company’s brand as an inclusive workplace committed to equality and hiring, retaining and promoting people with disabilities. I believe what Debra Ruh writes in her books, and I think her new book “Inclusion Branding” means that positive brand reputations are not gained by coincidence. They involve the stepbystep development of a diversity and inclusion strategy that starts with hiring and goes well beyond to include a public relation plan that builds loyalty and interest in the disability community.

Nabil Eid

Debra Ruh’s message is not just an important one because of its content.  It is important because we, as a community, need to ensure that this wave of innovation also does not pass by without us taking a proactive leadership position.  

The time for us as a community to do so is measured in days, weeks and months, not years.  It is now that we must call upon the power and scale of our community, and our leaders, to ensure that we are an active player in how these technologies can create inclusion and opportunity for our community.  

Richard Schatzberg


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