Human Potential At Work hosted by Debra Ruh

Social Impact, Inclusion, and Empowerment of everyone including Persons with Disabilities. How do we bring out the potential in all people, including those with disabilities? Get ready to be inspired, hear success stories and learn tips and principles for bringing out the best in everyone.

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Podcast Episode List

Doug Foresta
#108: The Value of Social Capital


16 May 2018

How do we fully value the social good that people do in the world? Debra is joined by her producer, Doug Foresta, in a conversation about being paid well for social good and why we should invest in work that empowers and uplifts others and the payoff for making those investments. They explore how to get past fear and dysfunctional narratives in order to keep the focus on doing the right thing for your brand and stakeholders.

Stephen J. Wampler
#107: Camp Wamp: Providing Life-Changing Experiences to Children with Physical Disabilities


9 May 2018

Stephen J Wampler and his wife join the program to discuss the creation of “Camp Wamp”, which encourages teamwork, empowers kids with physical disabilities to experience the great outdoors, and creates memories that last a lifetime.

#106: Creating An Inclusive Sports Program


1 May 2018

Jeff Mayerson joins the program to discuss the creation of the Wolves Basketball Academy, which provides a friendly and fun environment for children with special needs to learn the fundamentals of basketball as well as play on a team. Discover the benefits and importance of ensuring that sports are truly accessible to all.

#105: Inclusion in a Digital Society


27 April 2018

Digital transformation consultant Christopher Joynson, Atos and Rob Price, COO for Worldline UK&I, join the program to discuss the importance of inclusion in a digital society. They share their thoughts about the “digital divide”, the cost of that divide, and how technology can be used to add value to companies and people.

#104: Leaders Engaged on Alzheimer’s Disease


18 April 2018

Ian Kremer, Executive Director of Leaders Engaged on Alzheimer’s Disease, joins the program to discuss some of the potential causes, progression and treatment options for those affected by Alzheimer’s. He also shares the some of the most exciting investments in research that are currently underway.

#103: Entrepreneurs With Disabilities


11 April 2018

John Little has been a business builder, entrepreneur, mentor, facilitator and motivator for the last 30 years. On today’s episode, he shares his conviction about ensuring equal access to opportunities for persons with disabilities. John also reveals that he is was able to achieve success not in spite of his disability, but because of it, and how having a disability can make you a better entrepreneur and creative problem solver.

#102: Increasing Disability and inclusion Access in Australia


4 April 2018

Suzanne Colbert from the Australian Network on Disability joins the program to discuss the efforts that they are engaging in to increase disability and inclusion access in Australia. Suzanne also shares her thoughts about what needs to happen in order to ensure the inclusion and retention of persons with disabilities in all businesses.

#101: Enabling Greater Workforce Inclusion and Diversity


28 March 2018

Steven AJ Cox, Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador at Fujitsu, joins the program to discuss how he has been able to help embed a more inclusive culture and how technological advances in automation and artificial intelligence impact the modern workforce.

#100: Making the Internet More Useful and Accessible- With Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf


22 March 2018

Vint Cerf, Internet Pioneer, and Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google, joins the program for this special 100th edition of Human Potential at Work.Discover the work that Vint is doing to help make the internet more useful and accessible.

#99: Prison Reform- How It Impacts Vulnerable Populations (Including Persons With Disabilities)


14 March 2018

In this episode, Debra is joined by Doug Foresta, producer of Human Potential at Work, and Christina Block, who does prison ministry work. Discover the need for prison reform, why persons with disabilities can end up in the prison system, and what needs to happen in order to help bring out the full human potential of ex-offenders.

#98: Increasing the Employability of Persons with Disabilities


7 March 2018

Lou Orslene, Co-Director of the Job Accommodation Network, joins the program to discuss some of the various myths about accommodations, and the power of reasonable accommodations to help unleash the human potential of all people, including those with disabilities.

#97: Education and Empowerment for People Who Are Blind in Puerto Rico- One Man’s Journey


28 February 2018

José M Alvarez joins the program to discuss the efforts that he is making to create programs that make technology more accessible for persons with disabilities. José also shares how he empowers his students by teaching them coding skills and how he has created software and apps that can teach skills in an accessible way. He also shares his most recent efforts which involve starting a foundation to help develop the next generation of programmers.

#96: Disability Inclusion and Accessibility in India


21 February 2018

Nipun Malhotra joins the program from India to discuss his journey of being diagnosed with a disability called arthrogryposis, which caused the muscles in the arms and legs to be underdeveloped. Nipun shares how he decided to sit up for his rights in 2012, starting the Nipman Foundation that works in the area of health and advocacy for Persons with Disabilities.

#95: Disability Inclusion Employment Services That Work


14 February 2018

Joyce Bender from Bender Consulting Services discusses the efforts that she has made in providing employers with reliable talent, as well as giving well-trained individuals with disabilities the chance to display their abilities and enhance their lives through solid careers. Joyce also shares how she is using her program “Disability Matters” to document the history of the disability community.

#94: “Opioids Helped Me Work Again”
– Lessons From An ADA Attorney


7 February 2018

TEDx speaker and ADA attorney Kate Nicholson discusses her journey with chronic pain, and how opioid treatment helped her in her healing process. Kate discusses how, on the right dose of pain medicine, she drafted the current regulations under the ADA, coordinated with the White House and supervised thousands of cases by hundreds of attorneys across the country from a screen and well-camouflaged bed.

#93: Parenting In The Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities


31 January 2018

This episode features a 3-way conversation with Debra, her producer Doug Foresta, and Paige Mayer from Eturi as they discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise from parenting in the digital age. Paige discusses the benefits of Eturi’s parental control app “Our Pact” which allows users to locate their children and block screen time on mobile devices.

#92: Living With Lyme Disease


24 January 2018

Family Nurse Practitioner and podcaster Cindy Kennedy joins the program to discuss her journey of living with chronic Lyme Disease and the challenges that she had to overcome in getting diagnosed and finding the appropriate treatment.

#91: Fitness for Everyone- Making Health and Wellness Accessible For Persons Of All Abilities


17 January 2018

Ryan Eder, Founder and CEO of IncludeFitness™, shares the work that his company is doing digitizing physical medicine, rehabilitation and wellness to achieve better outcomes at lower costs.

#90: B2B Disability Inclusion Efforts and Progress in Bangladesh


10 January 2018

Murteza Khan from the Bangladesh Business and Disability Network discusses the efforts the organization is making in bringing together employers who are committed to developing a more disability inclusive workforce in Bangladesh.

#89: Gratitude and A Look Back At 2017


3 January 2018

Debra is joined by Doug Foresta, producer of Human Potential at Work, as they reflect on what they are most grateful for over the past year. Doug and Debra also discuss the evolution of the show, and where they see the program heading over the next year. Discover some of the biggest takeaways from the past year’s episodes and topics.

#88: B2B Disability Inclusion Efforts and Progress in Mexico


27 December 2017

Claudia Guardiola from Movimiento Congruencia joins the program to discuss the initiatives that they are taking to help increase disability inclusion in Mexico, and to make sure that people with disabilities are included in the conversation. Discover how they are sharing best practices with other countries and which companies are leading the way when it comes to B2B disability inclusion in Mexico.

#87: Why We Need Positive #changeagents Across Organizations and Sectors


20 December 2017

Teresa Shea Booher, David Bray and Layli Suel join the program to discuss why we need positive change agents across organizations and sectors. Discover why change that matters is done not by any one person, but by change agents who are willing to step out across sectors and to demonstrate a way to move forward and what you can do to help make a difference.

#86: Putting Humanity At the Center of the Internet


13 December 2017

David Bray and Mei Lin Fung from People Centered Internet join the program to discuss how the internet can be used for social good and the efforts they are making to help billions of new users connect to the internet. Discover a broader definition of accessibility and the importance of how the internet can be used to bring people together and how the private sector, public sector and individuals can combine forces to humanize the internet.

#85: Uniting The Disability Community


6 December 2017

Richard Schatzberg, Advisory Board Chair for Ruh Global, discusses his thoughts about the need to unite the disability community, and the role that social media can play in doing so. Richard also shares why he thinks it is crucial to make the business case for engaging the disability community, and gives some examples of brands who are doing this effectively, and the payoff for their efforts.

#84: Disney Channel Star Cerina Vincent- Defining Success, Raising Alzheimer’s Awareness


29 November 2017

Cerina Vincent, who stars on the #1 most watched Disney Channel comedy series “Stuck In The Middle” joins the program to discuss the evolution of her career, and the importance of finding a personal definition of success. Cerina also shares her experience of being cast in the film “Broken Memories” a romantic drama centering around the issue of Alzheimers.

#83: Inclusion in Education- How and Why The Education System Needs To Change


22 November 2017

Roy Andersen joins the program to discuss the importance of inclusion in education and how to remove the blocks that keep students from learning. Roy shares his own experiences of struggling as a young student and what it taught him about how education needs to change.

#82: Humanizing Healthcare


15 November 2017

Jamey Edwards, CEO of Cloudbreak Health, shares the work he’s been doing to humanize and fix the healthcare system in the US. Discover how Cloudbreak is providing innovative solutions that allow for greater ease of access for patients, better communication between providers, and empowerment of patients, providers and hospitals.

#81: Realizing Your Full Human Potential


8 November 2017

Leadership coach and speaker Kelly Meerbott joins the program to discuss how she helps her clients grow and become the best version of themselves. Kelly also shares the practices that she uses for her own personal growth and discusses her work with Ken’s Krew, an organization that helps persons with disabilities to successfully enter the workforce and find meaningful employment.

#80: Pinterest’s Head of Design and Research on Accessibility and Transformation


1 November 2017

August de los Reyes, head of design and research at Pinterest, discusses accessibility through better design, and why he left his position as the lead designer of XBox to work at Pinterest. August also discusses disability as a design problem and why better design benefits everyone.

#79: Empowering People Through Inclusive Design


25 October 2017

Sensory design consultant and workshop facilitator Alastair Somerville, joins the program to discuss how inclusive design benefits everyone, not only persons with disabilities. Alastair shares his thoughts about how to improve design and make it more responsive for all, as shares stories from his own design projects.

#78: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Heading towards being a World Class Leader in Disability Inclusion


18 October 2017

In this special episode, recorded live in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Debra speaks with Engineer Suhail Al-Almaee as he discusses the efforts that his country is making to become a world-class leader in disability inclusion.

#77: Should We Work with “Bad” Brands?


11 October 2017

Doug and Debra discuss the idea of working with “bad” brands who may have corporate practices that others have disagreed with, but are now tackling social change and social good initiatives, and the pros and cons of doing so.

#76: How Achilles International Empowers Persons With Disabilities


4 October 2017

Dick Traum, founder of Achilles International, shares his inspirational story of becoming the first above the knee amputee to complete the New York City Marathon, and how running and completing marathons can be an empowering experience.

#75: How Cisco Empowers Persons with Disabilities


27 September 2017

Patrick J Romzek, LifeChanger Executive Consultant, and Kelly Jones, Talent Acquisition Leader for Cisco Systems, discuss the employment challenges that face people with disabilities and the work that Cisco is doing to employ, empower and transform the lives of persons with disabilities. They also their innovative LifeChanger program and the positive results they are achieving.

#74: How Disruption Can Benefit Persons With Disabilities


21 September 2017

David Banes returns to the program to discuss how technological disruption can benefit persons with disabilities. David discusses his thoughts about dealing with the pros and cons of disruption. David also shares case examples of technological disruption and what we can learn from them.

#73: Grief and Gratitude


13 September 2017

Debra and Doug Foresta discuss grief and gratitude and how the two can coexist. Discover how to navigate the stages of grief, and how to incorporate gratitude into your life even during tough times.

#72: A Sibling’s Perspective on Disability and Human Potential


7 September 2017

Kevin Ruh, Chief Marketing Officer for Ruh Global Communications, discusses what it was like to grow up with a sibling with a disability. Kevin shares his reflections on what he has learned along the way and how his experiences have shaped his point of view about human potential. He also shares tips for listeners about how to stay positive and motivated even in tough times.

#71: Aging and Human Potential


30 August 2017

Debra and her producer, Doug Foresta, discuss the challenges and potential upside of aging, and the connection to human potential. Will a growing population of older people be able to create positive social change? Debra also shares tips for positive aging.

#70: Creating a Diverse Workforce


23 August 2017

Vlad Stevens, HR Director at Charles River Community Health, discusses the importance of including a diverse population in the workforce, and the work that he has done as an HR professional with international brands, including Staples and Walgreens. Vlad discusses what needs to happen to achieve real diversity both in the US and abroad.

#69: Educating, Employing and Empowering Persons With Disabilities


16 August 2017

John Kemp, President and CEO of The Viscardi Center, discusses how he has was able to flourish despite being born with a disability and losing his mother at a young age. John also discusses the success rate that the Viscardi Center has when it comes to educating, employing and empowering persons with disabilities.

#68: Return on Relationship

9 August 2017

Social marketing strategist Ted Rubin joins Debra for a discussion about the difference between “ROI” (Return on Investment) and “RonR” (Return on Relationship), as well as how social media can be used to have authentic conversations.

#67: The Leadership Gap

2 August 2017

Bestselling author and speaker Lolly Daskal joins the program to discuss her new book “The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You And Your Greatness.” Lolly talks about the importance of discovering who we are, and the 7 archetypes that leaders need to embrace in order to be truly great.

#66: Aging in Place

26 July 2017

Debra is joined by her producer, Doug Foresta, and Richard Streitz, COO of Ruh Global Communications, as they discuss the increasing number of people who are aging in place in their homes, and the connection to the disability conversation.

#65: Thriving and Succeeding With Spinal Muscular Atrophy

19 July 2017

LaMondre Pough shares his story of living with spinal muscular atrophy and succeeding and thriving despite doctors saying that he would not live to be 5 years old. Lamondre shares advice and inspiration for overcoming obstacles and living life to the fullest.

#64: Inclusion in Central and Latin America

12 July 2017

David Pérez, Chief Global Strategist at Ruh Global Communications, discusses his perspective on disability and inclusion growing up in Costa Rica.

#63: How Uber is Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

5 July 2017

Malcom Glenn, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Uber, joins the program to discuss the efforts that Uber is making in terms of diversity and disability inclusion.

#62: Why Major Corporations Are Supporting Global Disability Inclusion

28 June 2017

Debra and Doug discuss takeaways and lessons from the event Promoting Disability Inclusion Globally, which took place in Washington DC on June 20th, 2017.

#61: Breaking Down Barriers in The Disability Community

21 June 2017

Tony Coelho, former US Representative and primary sponsor of the ADA, returns to the program to discuss his story of how he overcame the stigma associated with having epilepsy and how he has been able to positively impact millions of lives through his work. Tony also discusses how the disability community can continue to grow and advocate for chan

#60: Having a Global B2B Inclusion Conversation

14 June 2017

Debra is joined by her podcast producer, Doug Foresta, and discusses the upcoming event, Promoting Disability Inclusion Globally, which takes place on June 20th, 2017 in Washington DC and the importance of having global conversations about disability inclusion. Discover the topics and speakers at the event, and why the time is right for a global business-to-business conversation.

#59: Promoting Disability Inclusion Globally

7 June 2017

Stefan Tromel, Senior Disability Specialist of the International Labour Organization (ILO) joins the program to discuss how the ILO promotes equality of opportunity and treatment for persons with disabilities in the world of work.

#58: Finding True Peace

31 May 2017

Karen Curry, author, coach and Human Design Specialist, joins the program to discuss her journey from struggling with bankruptcy and repossession to creating a successful business. Karen shares her thoughts on what it takes to overcome challenges, both external and internal and how to find true peace.

#57: The Carter Center and Mental Health

24 May 2017

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? This special episode features an interview with Rebecca Palpant Shimkets, associate director for the Carter Center’s Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism

#56: Disability and Human Rights

17 May 2017

Debra and Doug Foresta discuss the connection between disability rights and human rights, and how we can strengthen both. Discover what is possible when we view people through the lens of potential vs. weaknesses.

#55: The Impact of Mainstream and Assistive Technologies

10 May 2017

David Banes, founder of David Banes Access and Inclusion, discusses how technology is impacting persons with disabilities and some of the opportunities and challenges that remain when it comes to creating assistive technologies. Discover a big shift that is occurring with- mainstream technologies and the implications for the disability community.

#54: How to Get Unstuck and Live your Full Potential

3 May 2017

Doug and Debra discuss the most common thinking patterns that keep us stuck, and how to overcome them. Discover tips for moving past “stuckness” and living your full potential.

#53: Aging and Disability

25 Apr 2017

Debra and Doug discusses the challenges and opportunities that come with aging and disability and the often overlooked issues that come with both. Discover the gifts of aging and how brands can better engage the aging and disability community.

#52: Brand Lessons From United Air

19 Apr 2017

Doug and Debra discuss mistakes that brands make, including the recent incident with United Airlines and what brands can learn from this event. Debra shares her perspective on how brands can make a deep and lasting connection with the community of persons with disabilities. Discover how brands can communicate that they care about the disability community, and how the community can reward brands for their positive efforts.

#51: What Companies Need to Know About Diversity and Technology

12 Apr 2017

Sandy Carter, Vice President of Amazon Web Services, is considered one of the leading pioneers in the digital business revolution. In this episode, Sandy and I discuss how technology can empower women. Discover why diversity matters when it comes to developing technology and what companies need to think about when it comes to creating diverse technology teams.

#50: How Brands Can Increase Loyalty and Engagement

5 Apr 2017

Doug and Debra share their reflections on how brands can maximize their efforts in communicating their stories to customers in order to increase loyalty and engagement. Debra discusses what brands get right and wrong when it comes to speaking to persons with disabilities and takeaways for brands about how they can maximize their efforts.

#49: Humanizing Your Brand Through Storytelling

29 Mar 2017

This episode features an interview with globally-recognized business and marketing innovator, international speaker, and Author, Ekaterina Walter. Ekaterina discusses the importance of brand storytelling for increased profitability and social impact, and how organizations can humanize their brand through storytelling.

#48: Cutting Ourselves Some Slack

22 Mar 2017

Debra and Doug discuss a recent viral video and the response to it, and the connection to “cutting ourselves some slack.” Debra shares her perspective and advice on how to have more compassion for ourselves and others and what to do when things don’t go as planned.

#47: How Strengthening Democracy Helps Unleash Human Potential

15 Mar 2017

This episode features David Carroll, Director of Democracy at the Carter Center, and Avery Davis-Roberts who manages the Center’s Democratic Election Standards Project. David and Avery discuss why strengthening democracy matters, some of the biggest challenges when it comes to building democracy and the connection between democracy and human potential.

#46: Taking Care of Ourselves

08 Mar 2017

In this episode Doug and Debra discuss the importance of taking care of ourselves, tips on how to do that, and the connection to human potential. Discover a simple but powerful exercise for changing your mental state from negative to positive, and also how to notice when you are going into a “flight or fight” response.

#45: How Social Media can be Used for Good

01 Mar 2017

Doug Foresta, producer of Human Potential at Work, joins Debra for a conversation about the benefits of social media, and how social media can be used for great social good. Debra shares why and when she first came online, and the first social media platforms that she used. Discover how to choose the right social media platforms for you, and how to use social media for positive social change.

#44: Moving Past Labels and Overcoming Fear

22 Feb 2017

Debra discusses her recent experiences trying to get counseling for her daughter, Sara, and the lessons about labels and fear. Debra and Doug Foresta (the show’s producer) explore how labels get in the way, and how we begin to overcome fears and limiting beliefs.

#43: Does Technology Help or Hinder Us ?

15 Feb 2017

Debra Ruh and Doug Foresta discuss the positives and negatives of technology, and how we can effectively navigate technology and social media. Doug and Debra discuss how we can use technology to the fullest, but also unplug and make sure to connect to a deeper, calmer place within ourselves.

#42: Lessons from a Blind Filmmaker

08 Feb 2017

Michael Schwartz, President of Trailhead Productions, LLC, discusses how he continues to make films despite losing his vision. Michael discusses the lessons for all of us about the dangers of labeling others and making assumptions about what others are capable of.

#41: How Accessibility Helps Your Bottom Line

01 Jan 2017

Paul Smyth, Head of IT Accessibility at Barclays Bank, discusses the importance of digital and technological accessibility. Paul discusses the business advantages of accessibility, beyond mere compliance, and how Barclays is building their accessibility efforts into their brand.

#40: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

25 Jan 2017

Jennie Mustafa Julock, AKA “The Audacity Coach” joins the program to talk about her new book “Hilda” and shares tips for how to overcome the negative beliefs that keep us stuck from reaching our full human potential. Discover how to develop a more compassionate relationship with yourself and what to do when you feel stuck in overwhelm or fear.

#39: Social Attitudes Towards Persons with Disabilities – What Needs to Change

18 Jan 2017

Disability rights advocate Stephane Leblois joins Debra and producer Doug Foresta as they discuss the difference in attitude towards persons with disabilities between the Boomer, Gen X and Millennial generations, and what still needs to change in terms of social attitudes.

#38: Microsoft’s Chief Accessibility Officer, Jenny Lay-Flurrie

11 Jan 2017

Jenny Lay-Flurrie, the Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft, discusses how Microsoft creates a culture of accessibility. Jenny shares her own journey of accessibility as someone who has hearing loss and how she uses technology in her personal and professional life.

#37: Creating a Business Model for Greater Social Impact

04 Jan 2017

Michael Pirron, the founder of Impact Makers, discusses the “B Corporation” and how it can be used to have greater social impact. Michael shares how his own story of how he came to create a new business model that takes social entrepreneurship to a new level.

#36: Is Your Thinking Holding You Back

28 Dec 2016

Kim Ades, CEO of Frame of Mind Coaching, shares her perspective on how to discover the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back and how to shift those beliefs in order to achieve success. Kim addresses the notion that one of the biggest disabilities is our limited thinking about who we are and what we can do in the world.

#35: The Missing Secret: with Dr. Joe Vitale

21 Dec 2016

Dr. Joe Vitale discusses his new book “The Miracle” and the “missing secret” of the law of attraction. Learn how to clear out beliefs that keep you stuck, and how we can manifest collective change through individual transformation.

Rebecca Tinsley
#34: Waging Peace and Unlocking Human Potential

14 Dec 2016

This episode features an interview with author, journalist and human rights activist Rebecca Tinsley as she discusses her work in Darfur, as well as her book “When the Stars Fall to Earth”.

Sara Ruh
#33: Listening More Deeply:A Conversation With Sarah Ruh

7 Dec 2016

This episode features an interview between Debra Ruh and her daughter Sarah, as they discuss Sarah’s feelings about Down syndrome and how society talks about people with Down syndrome.

Lainey Feingold
#32: The Power of Structured Negotation

30 Nov 2016

Author and civil rights lawyer Lainey Feingold discusses the power of structured negotiation to increase access for persons with disabilities.

Emma Claire
#31: Staying Body Positive Through Cancer

23 Nov 2016

This episode features an interview with breast cancer survivor Emma Claire as she discusses her journey of staying body positive and the lessons she has learned along the way.

Deb Doggit
#30: The Importance of Diversity

16 Nov 2016

This episode features an interview with Deb Dagit, as she discusses how inclusion and diversity help to unlock human potential.

Dennis Palumbo
#29: Disability and Creativity

9 Nov 2016

This episode features an interview with Dennis Palumbo, a former Hollywood screenwriter (Welcome Back Kotter, My Favorite Year) turned psychotherapist and novelist.

Rosemary Musachio
#28: Unlocking Our Gifts and Talents

2 Nov 2016

This episode features an interview with Rosemary Musachio, Chief Accessibility Officer at Ruh Global Communications, as she discusses her many accomplishments as a technologist and disability advocate, despite having a disability.

Axel Lublois
#27: Creating Policies that Work

26 Oct 2016

This episode features an interview with Axel Leblois, President and Executive Director of G3iCT as he discusses his journey of running multiple businesses and eventually creating a nonprofit dedicated to disability inclusion.

Tony Coehlo
#26: Tony Coelho on Sponsoring the ADA

19 Oct 2016

In this episode the Honorable Tony Coelho shares his journey of overcoming the stigma of disability, moving into politics, and eventually becoming the primary sponsor of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Jennifer Brown
#25: Creating Inclusive Leadership and Valuing Diversity

12 Oct 2016

This episode features an interview with speaker, author and consultant Jennifer Brown as she discusses how to lead in a way that values inclusion and diversity.

#24: Bringing Your Best Self to Work

5 Oct 2016

Authentic marketing expert and business coach George Kao joins the program to discuss how to bring your best self to work, and the importance of love in business.

Bruce Van Horn
#23: Doing What You Love and Overcoming Limitations

28 Sept 2016

This episode features an interview with writer, speaker, teacher and coach Bruce Van Horn as he discusses his own journey of finding what he truly loves to do.

Doug Foresta
#22: Walking Through Challenges and Honoring
Where We Are

21 Sept 2016

In this episode Debra discusses some recent challenges she’s been having with her daughter, Sara, and also about how to walk through challenging times.

Doug Foresta
#21: Should We Be Paid Well for Social Good

14 Sep 2016

This episode features a conversation between Debra and her producer Doug Foresta as they discuss whether we should be paid well for doing work that contributes to the social good.

Matthew Shapiro
#20: Creating Your Own Opportunities

7 Sep 2016

What do you do if you can’t find your way in the workforce due to discrimination or other factors?

Neil Milliken
#19: Dyslexia, Inclusion, and Success

31 Aug 2016

This episode features an interview with Neil Milliken as he shares his story and journey of discovering that he had dyslexia.

Doug Foresto
#18: The Upside of Disability

24 Aug 2016

This episode features a conversation between Doug Foresta and Debra Ruh .

Rick Sizemore
#17: The Benefits of Vocational Rehabilitation

17 Aug 2016

This episode features an interview with Rick Sizemore, director of the Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center in Virginia.

Lance Secretan
#16: The Power of Inspiration 

10 Aug 2016

This episode features an interview with author, speaker and coach Lance.

Elizabeth Akua-Nyarko Patterson
#15: Moving from Trauma to Triumph

3 Aug 2016

This episode features an interview with Elizabeth Akua-Nyarko Patterson, the Founder and Executive Director of Girls Education Initiative of Ghana.

John Donvan
#14: The History of Autism in America:
with John Donvan

27 July 2016

This episode features an interview with John Donvan, the co-author of “In a Different Key: The Story of Autism,” the New York Times bestseller published in 2016 by Crown Books.

Doug Foresta
#13: Tapping Into Hidden Human Potential

20 July 2016

How do we fully tap into the hidden human potential in the workplace?

subs acharya
#12: Millennial Series #1: Project Starfish

13 July 2016

This episode, the first in a series about how young people are changing the world for persons with disabilities, features an interview with Subs Acharya, founder of Project Starfish.

Millenials Working Together
#11: How Millennials Are Changing The World:
A New Series

6 July 2016

In this episode, Debra discusses a new series which will feature millennials who are changing the world for persons with disabilities.

best practices in inclusion
#10: Best Practices in Inclusion

29 June 2016

In this episode Debra shares stories from her journey speaking at the UN.

united nations
#9: Follow Up From the UN


22 June 2016

In this episode Debra shares updates about her visit to the United Nations and what other countries are doing when it comes to disability inclusion.

united nations
#8: My Journey to the UN


15 June 2016

In this episode Debra shares how she went from a mother of a person with a disability (which she still is!) to global speaker and most recently was invited to speak at the United Nations.

Talking with employees with disabilities
#7: How to Speak So Employers Will Understand

8 June 2016

What kind of language are you using when you speak to employers about persons with disabilities?

#6: Inclusion Lessons from an ex-Imagineer

1 June 2016

What lessons can we learn about inclusion from an ex-Disney Imagineer?

hello my name is normal
#5: Who Gets to Define “Normal”?

25 May 2016

In this episode Debra discusses the question of who gets to define normal in the workplace.

global accessibility awareness day
#4: Why Does Global Accessibility Awareness Day Matter?

16 May 2016

In this episode Debra talks about Global Accessibility Awareness Day, what it is and why it matters.

#3: Compliance Versus Innovation

4 May 2016

In this episode Debra shares tips about how to go beyond compliance to maximize the potential of your workforce.

sarah ruh
#2: Meet Sara Ruh, Chief Inspiration Officer of Ruh Global

4 May 2016

In this episode you’ll meet Sara Ruh, Chief Inspiration Officer of Ruh Global.

debra ruh
#1: Why Employers Need to Care about Human Potential

4 May 2016

In this episode Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global, discusses the importance of human potential.