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The only disability is when one cannot see Human Potential.

Debra Ruh

What is HPAW?

Social Impact, Inclusion, and Empowerment of everyone including Persons with Disabilities. How do we bring out the potential in all people, including those with disabilities? Get ready to be inspired, hear success stories and learn tips and principles for bringing out the best in everyone. Brought to you by Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global Communications.  

More than 300 conversations

Thought Leaders

Over the years we have been able to bring together the most incredible thought leaders to have meaningful conversations about the power of human potential.

Industry Leaders

We love to tell stories of corporations that are doing the right thing, bring light on all the good work in the world.

Amazing Insights

Every episode has a new lesson in our path to a more inclusive sociery.

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It has been 30 years since Debra took the path of starting working with Inclusion. A couple of years ago  she started a new project, this podcast titled Human Potential at Work dedicated to inspiring other individuals and corporations by telling the stories of those who are changing the world. It all started with the question: How do we bring out the potential in all people, including those with disabilities? We are now over 300 episodes into the show, and we keep growing thanks to you!

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