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We take pride in our extensive portfolio showcasing our exceptional work in website design, inclusive branding, and accessibility solutions. Our team of dedicated experts collaborates with businesses and organizations to develop innovative strategies that promote disability inclusion and ensure accessibility for all.

Brand Redesign for the Americas Paralympic Committee (APC)

At Ruh Global Impact, we collaborated with the Americas Paralympic Committee (APC) on a brand redesign that truly represents their values and aspirations. By incorporating input from athletes, country representatives, and the APC, we crafted a visual identity that embodies the determination, strength, and unity of Paralympic athletes across the Americas. The result is a dynamic, inclusive, and inspiring brand that resonates with athletes, supporters, and the wider community, reinforcing the APC’s commitment to promoting sports for people with disabilities.

Brand and Website Design for Billion Strong

Ruh Global Impact collaborated with Billion Strong to create a cohesive brand and logo design that embodies their mission of empowering people with disabilities through identity. By focusing on the core values of inclusivity and empowerment, we crafted a visual identity that resonates with the global disability community. Additionally, we ensured their website is fully accessible, meeting the highest accessibility standards, and providing a user-friendly experience for all visitors. This project showcases the importance of inclusive design in promoting disability inclusion and empowerment.

Website and Brand Redesign for Tim Sutton's A Better Understanding

Ruh Global Impact collaborated with Tim Sutton on a comprehensive website and brand redesign for his brand, A Better Understanding. We modernized every element, incorporating a fresh and contemporary design that aligns with the brand’s mission, while ensuring a fully accessible website that meets the highest accessibility standards. By combining an intuitive user interface with inclusive design principles, we created a digital platform that effectively connects with his audience and reflects Tim Sutton’s commitment to fostering greater understanding and empathy in an inclusive world.

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