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Our tailored selection of books

We understand that Inclusion is important, we also understand that Disability Inclusion is complicated that is why we have gathered some of the most important tools and insights into these titles to help you reach your and your organization reach your disability Inclusion Goals.

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Nabil Eid, recently published Accessibile and Inclusive Libraries in the Smart City, to download a fre copy just fill in the form.

Cover Book

Nabil Eid

This book provides an overview of the Inclusive libraries to gain information about the latest
strategies, requirements, and services for implementing accessible library facilities.

Inclusion Branding

Debra Ruh

How Brands Can Learn to Engage with the Community of Persons with Disabilities and other minorities to Create Solid ROI and Positive Social Impact.


Debra Ruh

How Leading Global Companies Improve Their Bottom Line By Employing Persons With Disabilities. This book focuses on the human potential of every individual. 

Nabil Eid 2nd Book Cover - Copy

Nabil Eid

The book highlights the chronological events that occurred hundreds of years ago in a field PWD, in addition to the efforts of scientists, researchers and specialists, have contributed to understanding the community.

Nabil Eid´s First Book Cover - Copy

Nabil Eid

 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is of course
an enabling technology and we should not lose sight of this fact. If it is not properly planned, managed it might put us into the `Digital Divide’.

Social Media Book Cover - Copy

Debra Ruh and Kevin Ruh

The goals of this book are to share ideas, lessons learned and help the reader use these amazing and fun tools to spread your wings, follow your passion and achieve your goals. And reach your audience. 

About our Authors

Debra Ruh

Debra Ruh

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Nabil Eid

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