By Kevin Ruh

Social media, the omnipresent “second life” of our times. People have split themselves into different personas, some lead completely different lives through the internet, and some falsify a life through the means of deception and identity theft. The population has decided that these platforms and social media applications are the new norm for social interaction. It has become an everyday occurrence while meeting new people in person to exchange social media links to one another.

This has effectively brought a large part of the populous together through the network and makes communication, even through long distance, accessible. With this great hurdle overcome, the only concern is to bring the people who have less access to this technology closer to it so they can become part of the global network.

Part of this is people who have disability as well as people who just live in an area that makes access difficult. I know many people who live outside of cities in the US have trouble getting an internet connection, except through satellite internet, some of you may not have had any experience with this type of connection, but compared to dsl or even dial up it is not as easy to connect and stay connected. This is the future of spreading awareness, ignorance comes from a lack of experience, it is easy to judge something while knowing nothing about it, We need to educate all we can to anyone that will listen. If we make this our goal than global inclusion is possible!