Rockville, Virginia — Ruh Global Communications, a global leader with corporate inclusion strategies, accessibility advocacy and corporate inclusion industries, announces today it has named Rosemary Musachio Chief Accessibility Officer.

Rosemary Musachio, Chief Accessibility Officer
Rosemary Musachio, Chief Accessibility Officer

Ruh Global Communications, an international leader in strategic disability inclusion and accessibly policies, programs and marketing, announced that it has named Rosemary Musachio as Chief Accessibility Officer (CAO).  With over fifteen years in the arena of electronic and Information technology (E&IT) accessibility, Miss Musachio will manage internal and external accessibility projects.  She will ensure that accessibility best practices will be followed within the company and help clients meet their accessibility needs, including website and product accessibility.  Additionally, she will consult on accessibility and inclusion issues that clients face from the employee to the customer level.  Prior to this new position, Miss Musachio was the company’s Chief Strategy Officer.

“Every business needs to include accessibility in its fabric to become stronger.  Otherwise, it will rip and create big gaps,” Miss Musachio explains.  “Making every aspect of a company accessible and inclusive increases productivity, embraces diversity with common goals, and promotes more of a positive image to the public.  Since I have cerebral palsy, I bring a personal perspective to my role as CAO.  I know what a company needs to do for employees with disabilities to feel accepted and purposeful, and what a business must do to serve customers with disabilities with consideration and respect.”

“Honored to promote Rosemary Musachio as our Chief Accessibility Officer (CAO). She has been in the ICT Accessibility field for over 16 years.  She has worked with national and multi-national corporations, non-profits, agencies and organizations all over the world,” says Debra Ruh, Ruh Global Communications, CEO.  “Rosemary represents everything we want to achieve in the field.  She is a talented technologist, college graduate, tester, user of Assistive Technology (AT), published author, poet, person with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and undisputed global expert in ICT accessibility.  This woman is changing the world with her talents and we are extremely proud of her.”

About Rosemary Musachio

Since 2001, Rosemary Musachio has been well versed in the accessibility realm.  She has been an accessibility analyst and training manager.  She has worked with a number of major cooperate clients on accessibility projects and has written numerous blogs on the topic.  Before Rosemary entered the accessibility industry, she was a local monthly columnist and freelance writer.  She also edited and published resource newsletters for persons with disabilities.

 About Ruh Global Communications:

Founded in March 2013, Ruh Global Communications is a strategic digital marketing firm that helps businesses and government entities include persons with disabilities within every level of an infrastructure, from interviewing and hiring to job training and retention.  We help countries implement of the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  We also work with national and multi-national firms to help them include persons with disabilities in their workforce and developing accessibility and social media programs, providing outreach and training, and helping companies procure assistive technology.  Ruh Global has presented at conferences throughout the world about accessibility and disability inclusion.

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