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Ruh Global IMPACT promotes David Pérez to Chief Financial Officer.1 min read

Ruh Global IMPACT promotes David Pérez to Chief Financial Officer.

Richmond, Virginia, United States of America (January 9, 2020) Ruh Global IMPACT, a disability inclusion consulting firm, announced today the promotion of David Pérez to Chief Financial Officer. Pérez will ensure profitability and growth through planning, strategy, and execution of the business’s financial operations.

“David has been an integral part of our current growth, and we are thrilled to give him a bigger role in the company,” said Debra Ruh, CEO and founder of Ruh Global IMPACT.

Pérez, 28, joined the company in May 2017 as a Project Manager. It quickly became apparent that his drive and skillset would be better utilized in the position of Chief Global Strategist. Pérez has contributed to the company in tangible and intangible ways.

Previously, Pérez earned a degree in Political Science from the University of Costa Rica and an MBA from the Rioja International University. He then finished a Master’s in Diplomacy from the Manuel Maria Peralta Institute of Diplomacy.

Ruh Global IMPACT is a multi-faceted disability inclusion firm with global clients in all levels of industry and government. In all its doings, Ruh Global IMPACT aims to show the transformative power and financial benefits of disability inclusion. Ruh Global’s website ( contains more information.

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Who are we?

We are a multi-faceted Disability Inclusion consulting firm.  

Our goal is to help businesses, governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and disabled persons’ organizations (DPOs) amplify their IMPACT and become disability inclusion leaders.

Ruh Global IMPACT can help you with:

1. Inclusion, planning, implementation, and strategic advice.
2. Tailored training and speaking.
3. Accessibility reviews and audits.
4. Marketing, social media, and inclusion branding.

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