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Sara Ruh

Featured on Runway of Dreams in the New york Fashion Week

Sara Ruh in Runway of Dreams

Sara Ruh, our Chief Inspiration Officer, always wanted to be a model, and now thanks to the fantastic Runway of Dreams Foundation and Mindy Menkowitz Schier the founder and visionary of Runway of dreams she was able to do it. Mindy was Debra Ruh´s  Human Potential at Work on episode 117  on that episode she explained how Runway of Dreams aims to be the authority on incorporating modifications to mainstream clothing for the differently-abled community, changing the landscape of fashion as being ALL-INCLUSIVE.

On September 5 during the NYC Fashion week, Sara was able to be one of the models that kicked off the event that featured the amazing adaptive clothing designs by Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, and Target. Showing everyone that the power of clothing surpasses the evident and it has the possibility of being a light and a tool for expression for everyone, without distinction.

The event was a complete success with incredible attendance both in the event, and around the globe through Social Media RJ Mitte from Breaking bad was the host and along all other models made the evening something spectacular.

We want to share with you Sara Ruh´s achievement and the amazing work that the Runway of Dreams Foundation is doing for the community of People with disabilities, please watch the video and share with your family and friends, listen to the episode and engage people in the bigger conversation of inclusion.