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Ruh Global Communications understands the business concerns but also understands the Persons with Disabilities and Aging Baby Boomers community needs and preferences. Ruh Global Communications will design programs that safely and seamlessly integrate appropriate messaging and inclusive practices into the client’s marketing and communication strategies. We have a full understanding of Persons with Disabilities regulations, requirements, and expectations for inclusion and can help translate them into core competencies for our clients.

Our goal is to open the dialog for the client through inclusion and integration, not separate but equal messaging. We believe this “All In” universal approach efficiently taps into the Persons with Disabilities market share in a sustainable way, for the long term, while also demonstrating strong values and respect for the entire population.

There is ~$3 TRILLION of disposable income managed by this community and their allies worldwide. Whether the client has a marketing and communication strategy underway or wants to develop a new strategy, Ruh Global Communications can teach our clients:

Efficiently incorporate Persons with Disabilities in a cost effective way

Tap into that income stream for the long term

Gain positive branding and marketing opportunities that contribute ROI to the bottom-line.

This seamless integration also enables the Persons with Disabilities community to become fully integrated into the commerce life cycle, raising their influence on the business world and awareness of their needs and preferences. In the end, it supports a very positive improvement cycle for businesses and the community of Persons with Disabilities.

The community of Persons with Disabilities is forecasting diversity inclusion as the next “Green” initiative that will quickly become a key differentiator for companies across the globe. This initiative is anticipated to have a similarly broad impact on:

  • Consumerism of products and services
  • Receptivity to marketing and communication strategies
  • Hiring requirements and practices
  • Physical accessibility in the workplace, retail, hospitality, and more

Ruh Global Communications can enable its clients to proactively move towards these goals, setting the pace for the world, creating a strong brand alliance within this community and their broader customer base much earlier than their competitors.