#111: Tommy Hilfiger’s Innovative and Inclusive Clothing Line

Episode Flyer for #111 Tommy Hilfiger's Innovative and Inclusive Clothing Line

Gary Sheinbaum, Chief Executive Officer, Tommy Hilfiger Americas, joins the program to discuss the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive line and how the brand is supporting and empowering persons with disabilities.  The line includes the essential fashion pieces like shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, and jackets — but Tommy Adaptive clothes are easier to put on. Modifications such… Continue Reading #111: Tommy Hilfiger’s Innovative and Inclusive Clothing Line

#110: Disability Inclusion Disruption

Episode Flyer for #110 Disability Inclusion Disruption

LaMondré Pough joins the program to discuss the disruption that is occurring when it comes to disability inclusion. Discover some of the trends and technological shifts that are occurring and the impact that they will have on people of all abilities. To support our program, visit https://www.patreon.com/HPAW  To get the book “Inclusion Branding” visit https://amzn.to/2GKV0sj Transcript for… Continue Reading #110: Disability Inclusion Disruption

#109: Inclusion Branding

Episode Flyer for #109: Inclusion Branding

What is inclusion branding and why is it important for corporations? In this special episode, Debra is joined by her producer Doug Foresta as she discusses takeaways from her new book “Inclusion Branding” and how corporations can create inclusive marketing that creates a high return on investment. Discover how to create communities, engage influencers and… Continue Reading #109: Inclusion Branding