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This website has been developed with accessibility features in mind including WAI-ARIA roles through all our pages conforming to the latest accessibility standards set forth by W3C. Our Design team worked hard to follow the seven principles of Universal Design below you will find a list of the accessibility features that we incorporated into our website that ensure a better experience for all:


Keyboard Accessible.

All functionality within our website can be achieved by keyboard users, by speech input (which creates keyboard input), by mouse (using on-screen keyboards), and by a wide variety of assistive technologies that create simulated keystrokes as their output.

Skip Navigation.

A “Skip Navigation” link has been added at the top of the header on all pages. Even though it has been kept invisible, it will be detected by screen readers. That way you can focus on the main content by skipping the navigation menu

Heading Structure.

The site has been structured in a way that allows you to take advantage of the screen reader’s heading jump facilities. That way you can easily skip through the page to access the information you need.


All our images have text alternatives that describe the information or function represented by them. We use images because Images and graphics make content more pleasant and easier to understand for many people, and for those with cognitive and learning disabilities. They serve as cues that are used by individuals with visual impairments, including people with low vision, to orient themselves in the content.


We have ensured that we provide enough contrast between text and its background so that it can be read by people with moderately low vision (who do not use contrast-enhancing assistive technology). We also, added a tool to enhance contrast when necessary this widget is located on the right hand of the screen always.

Zooming in and Font Sizes.

Using, your web browser’s built-in zoom you can expand text size making it easier to read. In Firefox or Chrome, you may use the Control – and Control + shortcuts to decrease or increase the text size, accordingly. We have also added a widget that lets you increase font size


Universal accessibility in the Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) sector holds exceptional promise and opportunity for people with disabilities never before seen in our history. Ruh Global Communications is fully committed to access for all.
Persons with disabilities are not broken, they just might navigate the world in a different way. We all can add value when given the opportunity to tap into our unique innate abilities. Accessible ICT is an important part of that equalizing equation. If you have any accessibility problems with our website, please contact our Chief Accessibility Officer, Rosemary Musachio at [email protected] or through our Contact Page.

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