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#232: Neatebox- Providing Smart Solutions for a More Inclusive Society

Gavin Neate CEO & Founder of Neatebox

Gavin Neate, founder and CEO of Neatebox, joins the program to share his journey of how he came to found his company, and shares his vision for being part of a movement that encourages a more inclusive society. Discover how Neatebox provides smart solutions that help persons with disabilities with both communications and mobility.   […]

#3DVU Small Businesses and COVID-19. Episode 6

#3DVU Small Businesses and COVID-19. Episode 6

Small business is traditionally known as the engine of most economies, particularly here in the US we know that small business really makes up the majority, um, of all of our economic throughput. I’ll put it that way. Here’s the thing though, since the world has changed due to COVID-19 this global pandemic, small businesses in particular have been dramatically impacted. In this episode we discuss the realities of COVID-19 and Small businesses around the world.