#326: Just be confident! With Tamyah Jordan

Tamyah Jordan Visually Impaired Model and Advocate

In this episode, Debra interviews Tamyah Jordan, a visually impaired model and advocate. They dive into her experience in the modeling industry and how anyone can pursue their dream.     This episode was recorded live on Facebook, captioned and streamed on facebook www.facebook.com/debraruh or in the embedded version below.   Transcript for Episode #326

#325: Zillow working on Equity and Belonging

Denise Reed Lamoreaux Director of Equity & Benlonging at Zillow

In this episode, Debra interviews Denise Reed Lamoreaux, Director of Equity & Belonging at Zillow, a tech real-estate marketplace company; in this conversation, they go over what is needed in this role and how she is helping make Zillow a better, more inclusive company overall.     This episode was recorded live on Facebook, captioned […]

#324: Human-Centric Design in Smart Cities and the Metaverse. 

Richard Streitz COO of Ruh Global Impact & Vice Chairman at Billion Strong

In this episode, Debra is joined by Richard Streitz, who first started working with accessibility, universal design concepts, and processes 30 years ago while as a Walt Disney Imagineer. He is now one of the world´s experts in Smart Cities and Metaverse, incorporating those concepts into those emerging conversations. In this conversation, they explore the […]