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What is 3DVU?

3DVU is a podcast about relevant topics, addressed from three completely different perspectives. In each conversation, you will hear three generations, three races, three different backgrounds, and realities.

David Pérez, Richard Streitz and LaMondre Pough

Latest Episodes

New episodes weekly every Friday.

About our Hosts

While working together at Ruh Global IMPACT Richard Streitz, LaMondre Pough and David Pérez realized the positive effect that diversity could have on each other’s views of the world. They decided to talk about relevant topics related to inclusion, diversity, economics, and daily news and share and expand those conversations through this platform.

Richard Streitz


A former Disney Imagineer, Richard has vast experience and passion for Art, Accessibility, and Inclusion for all, today he is the Chief Operating Officer for RGI

David Pérez


David is a Costa Rican Political Scientist with his MBA and masters in diplomacy.  He is also a leader, advocate, social media specialist, and communication strategist.

LaMondre Pough


A passionate speaker, seasoned trainer, and enthusiastic content creator, LaMondre Pough is the Chief Sustainability Officer for RGI.

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