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Sarah Lee

Systems Administrator & Writer

Sarah Lee

About Sarah

Sarah Lee received her Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her concentrations include history, political science, and anthropology. Unsure of what to do after completing her undergraduate coursework, Sarah worked as a cook. After backpacking through Alaska, Canada, Europe, and South Korea, Sarah decided to go back to school and pursue her childhood dream of becoming a doctor.

She is currently attending Virginia Commonwealth University’s post-baccalaureate health sciences program. She is hoping to apply to medical schools next spring and to eventually study rural medicine to reach underserved populations.

Sarah is passionate about social justice, science, and anything that gets her outside.Sarah has had absence seizures since she was 7 and didn’t really consider herself as having a disability until she was filling out paperwork at the DMV 4 years ago.

She is excited to work for Ruh Global Communications not only because it synthesizes her passions and strengths but also because of their work in creating more awareness about disabilities- including the ones you cannot see.


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