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#153: Stepchild, A New Musical With a Deaf Heroine2 min read

Episode Flyer for #153 Featuring David James Boyd and Chad Kessler

Episode #153 Featuring David James Boyd and Chad Kessler Social Media
This episode features an interview with David James Boyd & Chad Kessler, co-creators of the play Stepchild, along with producer Kori Rushton and associate producer Shelly Guy.    

About the play:

Inspired by the classic tale of Cinderella, “Stepchild” tells the story of Orella, a deaf girl coming of age during the Italian Renaissance. After a mysterious fortune teller teaches her how to communicate using sign language, Orella discovers a joyous new world. Her bliss is soon shattered by the ignorant and fear-mongering King Octavio, who ruthlessly punishes anyone that dares to embrace what makes them “different.” With her kingdom rapidly succumbing to prejudicial fears, Orella must dig deep for inner strength to combat darkness and save her people from tyranny.

It is believed that American Sign Language (ASL) is the THIRD most commonly used language in the United States. However, the long, grim and extraordinary path towards modern Deaf culture is hardly common knowledge. Through the eyes of a Deaf heroine, this underrepresented historical topic is given a Gothic folktale spin in this sweeping story of empowerment.

This episode was recorded live on Facebook, captioned and streamed on facebook or in the embedded version below.


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Transcript for episode 153.

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