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#174: Disabling Limitations – The Garrison Redd Project1 min read

HPAW Cover Image for episode 174, reads "Garrison Redd, motivational speaker, model, fashion designer, entrepreneur, advocate for equal rights"

Flyer for Episode 174 of HPAW, reads: “

This episode features Garrison Redd. Garrison is a motivational speaker, model, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and an advocate for equal rights. Growing up, he excelled scholastically and athletically, scoring in the top 3 percentile in school and playing various sports. In his senior year in high school, Garrison was shot in the back and suffered spinal damage that left him unable to walk. Rather than feeling sorry for himself, Garrison focused on the bigger picture of overcoming adversity and inspiring others. In 2017, he founded The Garrison Redd Project to provide individuals with assistance in the community, the workplace, transportation, education and any other issues that are overlooked.    

This episode was recorded live on Facebook, captioned and streamed on facebook or in the embedded version below.


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Transcript for Episode 174

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