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#242: Support Disability Inclusion in Armenia2 min read

Sarah Stites Communications Specialist and Author

Sarah Stites, author, and communications specialist joins the program to discuss the Emili Aregak Center and the work they do to promote the inclusion and flourishing of youth with disabilities and their families in Gyumri through therapy, socialization, training and labor market integration. Sarah also discusses the Aregak Bakery & Cafe, Armenia’s first cafe to intentionally employ young adults with disabilities and their moms.    

Emili Aregak Center is currently running a new psychosocial support program for families of war victims. The program was inspired by a tragedy – the death of the father of one of our children in the recent war. Donors interested in giving can do so here through our general donation page:  @emili_aregak on Instagram
@emiliaregak on Facebook

Aregak Bakery is currently raising money for the #OurDailyBread campaign. Donors can donate money to “buy” bread from our bakery, which we will provide free of charge to people in need, including the elderly, vulnerable, families of children with disabilities and those in financial straits due to COVID-19.  @aregakbakery on Instagram, Facebook 

This episode was recorded live on Facebook, captioned and streamed on facebook or in the embedded version below.


Transcript for Episode #242

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