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#321: Relationship, confusion, and loss. 1 min read

Dr. Patti Ashley Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Authenticity Architect, & Mother

Patti Ashley joins Debra Ruh again to talk about the realities of grief and its relation to love; complicated grief is not easy. Debra shares a lot about her experience with the loss of her husband in a robust conversation that will help anyone that has dealt or is dealing with grief from losing a loved one. Check out these episodes where Ashley in HPAW: #227: How to Heal From Grief and Loss #235: Parenting During a Pandemic #248: Staying Grounded and Living Authentically in the New Year #268: Taking Care of Our Emotions    

This episode was recorded live on Facebook, captioned and streamed on facebook or in the embedded version below.


Transcript for Episode #321

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