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#348: Navigating the Job Market, A Guide for People with Disabilities1 min read

Jacob Levi Cover Neurodivergent Career Coach, Special Educator and Speaker

In the latest episode of Human Potential at Work, Debra Ruh converses with special education teacher and disability advocate, Jacob Levy, who is also the founder of Searchable LLC. Jacob, himself a person with a learning disability acquired at birth, leverages his unique information-processing style to help neurodiverse and disabled job seekers navigate the job market. He emphasizes the significance of education, the evolving job search landscape, and the role of storytelling in job applications. The episode invites listeners to explore Jacob’s free resources on and encourages contributions to Billion Strong, an empowerment organization for people with disabilities.    

This episode was recorded live, captioned and streamed on facebook or in the embedded version below.


Transcript for Episode #348

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