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Openness, Competition, and Collaboration – Stronger Together6 min read

Openness, Competition, and Collaboration – Stronger Together
Huawei Roads to  a Better Future
Huawei: Roads to a Better Future

Since 2001, I have been supporting corporations that are helping to solve some of the world’s largest problems including disability inclusion, Tech4All, Tech4Good, Digital Inclusion and Climate Change.  In 2019, I visited Huawei to learn more about their efforts to support the United Nations (UN), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As an American, I was impressed with their efforts and hope other Internet, Communications, and Technology (ICT) organizations follow their social good efforts.  The world needs corporations to support global efforts to protect our planet, the people, and all inhabitants of the earth.

In May, Huawei had release an inspiring video of Shanghai ballet dancers, as well as held its annual Global Analyst Summit. They both have a similar theme – having openness, collaboration, and competition will allow all of us to be stronger together and to overcome these difficult times in our world. 

Huawei’s perseverance through difficult times leads to enlightenment

Ballet Dancers wearing protective face masks.

The COVID-19 pandemic is now a global crisis, with the number of known cases climbing daily and hundreds of millions of people in lockdown. These are extraordinary times.

It is said in China that from the bitterness of winter comes the sweet fragrance of spring. This spirit of survival was beautifully summed up by Shanghai ballet dancers recently, who continued to rehearse in masks to ensure they were ready to perform when the theaters reopened. It is this same fighting spirit that has enabled Huawei to survive and thrive in the past year, despite facing many unforeseen challenges.

The video of ballet dancers in Shanghai embodies its message about the dedication of its employees as the secret of its success.  With the beauty of ballet dance, you do not see all Huawei’s corporate culture will remain unchanged.  With the beauty of ballet dance, you do not see all the hard work behind it, the years, and years of practice to achieve what seems simple and light-footed.

Right now, it seems that the winter storm has reached all of us and we need a sweet fragrance of spring. In other words, we need something to cheer us up, making us wonder, making us believe that better days are in front of us, and humanity needs a sweet moment to reflect and embrace the good from the Universe.

“Ballet Mask” is a spirit of perseverance, positive energy that should work hard in adversity. Through hard work, Huawei has become the world’s largest telecommunications-equipment supplier in the world.

Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei has expressed special gratitude to American companies, saying that in the past 30 years, American companies have “taught us how to walk.” This is based in fact.  

The increasingly close-knit international supply chain has made businesses from all countries integral to each other. As Zhengfei said, “the friendship between us and American companies was formed over decades and cannot be destroyed by a piece of paper.”

Ballet is elegant, ballet people are hard, the same is true in the field of technology. The road to success is full of hardships and hardships, and only continuous efforts can create value for family and society.

The Shanghai Ballet “stops work without stopping work.” Openness, competition, and collaboration are the basic principles Huawei adopts to enhance its core competencies and build a favorable business ecosystem.

The spirit of ballet is not limited to the field of art. During the COVID -19 crisis, many people stuck to their posts, paying tribute to those who continued to work in the epidemic (medical workers, etc.). Huawei doing everything can to provide urgently needed medical supplies to the world.

The haze will always dissipate. As human beings we must bring our true value to the forefront of our lives and keep marching on despite challenges. We need planting seeds for the future, making plans, and looking ahead.

In the meantime, we must find beauty in the Universe that surrounds us, whether in people, flowers, wind, sea, gardens, children, parks or even in our homes, please keep fighting forward.

“Shanghai Ballet dancers persevere as a challenge to the Covid-19 that it will not beat their spirit, just as the calmness of Huawei with outstanding digital solutions”.

Through Tough Times, We Must Innovate & Collaborate, Together

Huawei Deputy Chairman Guo Ping gives the keynote speech at Huawei Global Analyst Summit in April 2020.
“When the going gets tough, the tough keeping going.” Huawei Deputy Chairman Guo Ping gives the keynote speech at Huawei Global Analyst Summit in April 2020.

Huawei has achieved success around the world through the principle “step by step”.

It appeals as a global player, to be patient and persistent, demonstrating value and contribution one quiet step at a time. Despite what Huawei has faced in the last year, especially with Huawei being placed on the U.S. Entity list in 2019, they continue to work with partners to ensure that they continue elaborating for the betterment of advancing innovation in technology.

“We have faced challenging times in the past and we are now looking forward to positive action for a brighter future,” said Deputy Chairman Guo Ping at Huawei’s Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen, China. “We are showing that great spirit again.  By being open, honest, and transparent, and acting with humility, we can confront these challenges together and do things differently if we need to, and support each other, because we are stronger together”. “Huawei”.

When geopolitical issues that are happening around the world interfere with innovation, technology cannot do its purpose to help people and society strive for a better connected world.

Finally: In order for the United States to remain competitive, the US must be more open innovate and collaborate with everyone in order to make the country and the world stronger. Global players like Huawei are continuing to make strides in how technology is positively making an impact on many places in the world, especially in rural America. If it’s one thing this global pandemic has taught the world, it’s that there is an urgent need for advancing technology. The only way that can be done, is by openness, collaboration and competition.

About the Authors

Debra Ruh

Debra Ruh

Chief Executive Officer

Debra Ruh is the CEO of Ruh Global IMPACT.  The UN President’s office invited Debra to address the United Nations General Assembly at the Conference of State Parties 9th session on May 13, 2016.  Selected as the North American representative for UN ILO Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN). US State Department global speaker and ambassador since 2018. Nominated as Global Goodwill Ambassador in 2018.  Author of three books, Inclusion Branding (available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Voice via Audible), Tapping into Hidden Human Capital, and Finding Your Voice using Social Media.  Learn more at or

She is a global influencer, with over 300,000 followers on social media. Co-founder of award winning #AXSChat one of largest tweet chats in the world with over 8 billion tweets. Named in the “Top 5% of Social Media Influencers” and “Top 0.1% of people talking about Disability Inclusion and Accessibility” by KLOUT, #15 in Digital Scouts, and Top 100 Global Digital Influencers in Sept 2018.  Debra has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, Washington Post, INC, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, NY Times, Christian Science Monitor, and more.

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