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Ruh Global IMPACT is Proud to Establish the Global Initiative-Billion Strong Organization.3 min read

Ruh Global IMPACT is Proud to Establish the Global Initiative-Billion Strong Organization.

“Disability, Ability, and Identity for Global Unity”… Together We Can.

Rockville, Virginia (August 14/9, 2021) – Billion Strong, a Global Nonprofit Organization, is proud to announce its founding by Ruh Global IMPACT

As a comprehensive, Multi-Faceted Inclusion Strategy and Consulting Firm, Ruh Global IMPACT recognized that implementing inclusion and disability identity strategies is complex, so it worked with the team to establish a nonprofit organization Billion Strong as a global initiative.

Why Billion Strong Global Movement?

The purpose of the Billion Strong Movement is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities at the local, national, and global levels.

The organization started to focus on disability, ability, and identity for global unity.

Billion Strong is an international identity organization with 70+ country partners, global advisors, global partners, and volunteers but needs more.

Billion Strong change the world for Today’s inhabitants and future generations.

Billion Strong will create and share an accessible platform and app that offers value to our entire community and ecosystem.  We will be a place where everyone has a voice, where we support each other, and assure access for persons with disabilities worldwide, working together to be heard“. Dr. LaMondre Pough, CEO of Billion Strong.

Disability is just as much or more about how society puts up barriers that exclude and disadvantage people with impairments by not recognizing their rights, needs, and potentials, prejudice towards persons with disabilities. These barriers include poverty, lack of education, gender, religion, age, social stigma, and geographic isolation.

Billion Strong will bring about policy-level changes that would make every public institution accessible to people with disabilities and develop educational materials for them.

“Billion Strong is a community where people with disabilities across the globe can add value and get value. Where everyone is proud to identify as a Person with a Disability, an ally, or an accomplice, it is a place where everyone has a voice, which makes sure more than anything else that everyone is heard”. Debra Ruh, CEO, and founder of Ruh Global IMPACT, Chairwoman of Board of Directors for Billion Strong.

We ask governments, donors, and global partners to offer to fund this global movement’s support.

Become a partner with us to support persons living with disabilities. If you are an organization or individual working towards the better life of people living with disabilities, explore the organization’s vision through the website.

Projects that be fund will promote equal opportunities, independent living, human rights, independent livelihood, and improve people with disabilities.

Billion Strong started a crowdfunding campaign on August 9, 2021, and accepts funding applications any time around the year.  

Billion Strong Crowd Funding link:

Would you mind taking 3 minutes to watch the introduction video from the CEO of Billion Strong, Dr. LaMondre Pough?

Help Ruh Global IMPACT build this global community to impact a better future for humanity and our planet significantly. All of us are responsible for ensuring including persons with disabilities and expanding equitable opportunities.

Ruh Global Impact Logo - Image of a Blue Globe with a Mandala appearing through the top of the globe, Ruh Global Impact written beside it.

Who are we?

We are a multi-faceted Disability Inclusion consulting firm.  

Our goal is to help businesses, governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and disabled persons’ organizations (DPOs) amplify their IMPACT and become disability inclusion leaders.

Ruh Global IMPACT can help you with:

1. Inclusion, planning, implementation, and strategic advice.
2. Tailored training and speaking.
3. Accessibility reviews and audits.
4. Marketing, social media, and inclusion branding.

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