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Dr. Azadeh

Dr. Azadeh Abbaszadeh Fallah

Project Executive Director of Research 

Researcher, Speaker. 

Based in Mauritius

About Dr. Azadeh

Dr. Azadeh started her career serving Down Syndrome children and Learning with Disabilities and held the position of “President of the Down Syndrome Foundation of Iran. Founder & CEO of Down Syndrome Division in Cellular-Molecular Research Center at IUMS.

She successfully collaborated with us, so Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global IMPACT and Executive Chair, and Co-Founder of Billion Strong appointed her as Project Executive Director of Research at Ruh Global IMPACT and selected her as a country partner for Iran as a leader at Billion Strong Movement.

We have worked with Dr. Azadeh for the past years. We have always been impressed with her ability to serve children with Down Syndrome and learning challenges to meet their individual needs and offer counseling, assessment, and behavioral support services. Recently she was appointed as the global ambassador for the U-Link/Down Syndrome Association of Mauritius.

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Dr. Azadeh´s Ted Talk

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